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Will whitening make my teeth weaker?

These days, there are so many different whitening products available in the drugstore that a beaming smile seems to be a possibility for everyone, but before you begin your quest for the perfect pearly whites, there are some potential problems you should be aware of. Teeth Bleaching Because many whitening products use peroxide-based bleaching agents,… Read more

Finding Real Results in Teeth Whitening

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Let me guess – you were skeptical about buying those teeth whitening strips before you actually shelled out the money to purchase them. There you were, deliberating the decision in the oral health care aisle at your local grocery store, weighing the option. You’ve always wanted whiter teeth and getting them from the comfort of… Read more

What Will Teeth Whitening Be Like in the Future?

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In today’s world, teeth whitening is by far one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. You can get your teeth whitened during a routine visit with your dentist, or even buy a home teeth whitening kit from a pharmacy! Teeth whitening isn’t just something that’s become popular over the past few decades, it’s actually been… Read more

Teeth Whitening Methods

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In this day and age, pearly white teeth are a mark of beauty. There are several methods to make your chompers shine, whether you are at home or in a dentist’s office.  Here are your different teeth whitening options. In-office bleaching Perhaps the most effective methods of teeth whitening occurs in the dentist’s office. This… Read more