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8 Fun Facts about Teeth!

Who knew that taking care of your teeth could be so crazy! Here are some fun facts about teeth that will get your children excited to visit us here at Tempe Smiles! Did you Know? The human body produces an average of 25,000 quarts of saliva during a lifetime. That means ten people can fill… Read more

Fun Summer Activities for the Family

Whether you like it or not, summer is here. Now you can either embrace the heat wave and have a blast or toil inside for the next three months. Despite what you may think the sun can actually be your friend! With the kids at home there is so much that you can do to… Read more

Milk-Bone introduces Brushing Chews

Caring for your dog can be a difficult task for some, especially when it comes to taking care of their teeth and mouth. Milk-Bone, a dog treat company that has been making dog treats since 1908, has now introduced an easier way to help dog lovers keep their canine’s chompers clean and their mouths smelling… Read more