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How To Floss Properly

stop bleeding gums

The most common piece of advice that our dental professionals dole out to patients is to always remember to brush every day. Coincidentally, most individuals who neglect to floss don’t know how to do it properly once they get into the habit. Here is the Tempe Smiles guide on how to floss properly. Step 1:… Read more

8 Fun Facts about Teeth!

Who knew that taking care of your teeth could be so crazy! Here are some fun facts about teeth that will get your children excited to visit us here at Tempe Smiles! Did you Know? The human body produces an average of 25,000 quarts of saliva during a lifetime. That means ten people can fill… Read more

Easiest Ways to Prevent Cavities

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When germs build up in your mouth, acids slowly begin to eat away at your teeth. This bacteria, called plaque, can lead to the development of holes in your teeth called cavities. Cavities can not only be extremely painful, they can also cause to other infections in your mouth and gums. Here at Tempe Smiles,… Read more

Why People Love Our AZ Dentists

why people love our az dentists

Not every AZ dentist is built to go the distance! Ever wonder why people love our AZ dentists at Tempe Smiles? There’s a ton of compelling things that make us the premier family dentist in the valley of the sun! Tempe Smiles is committed to providing every patient with an exceptional level of care. We… Read more

How Dangerous is Fluoride?

is fluoride toothpaste bad for you?

How dangerous is fluoride when it comes to your personal health? With so much mixed information out there pertaining to fluoride it’s difficult to sort fact from fiction. Here’s a quick rundown on what you need to know. Something peculiar happened in the early days of dentistry – dentists began noticing their patients had noticeably… Read more