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Chewing Gum Choices for Healthy Teeth

We all know the havoc that too many sugary treats can cause to our teeth, and that includes most of the chewing gums on the market today, but did you know that there are some chewing gums that are actually good for your teeth and can help prevent cavities? Any time we chew on something,… Read more

How Does Fluoride Help Teeth?

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You’ve probably seen or heard the ‘F’ word tossed around a lot in the dental world – fluoride, that is. Whether recommended to you as a treatment by a Tempe Smiles dentist or labeled on the box of your toothbrush, fluoride certainly comes around a lot. We understand it has plenty of great benefits for… Read more

Preventing Cavities with Dental Sealants

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Most people think that dental procedures designed to address cavities only occur after their dentist discovers tooth decay – dental sealants paint a vastly different picture. It may turn out that the best dental procedure designed to fight cavities actually occurs before you develop oral health problems. Dental sealants are considered a form of preventative… Read more

Easiest Ways to Prevent Cavities

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When germs build up in your mouth, acids slowly begin to eat away at your teeth. This bacteria, called plaque, can lead to the development of holes in your teeth called cavities. Cavities can not only be extremely painful, they can also cause to other infections in your mouth and gums. Here at Tempe Smiles,… Read more