Kid’s Toothpaste Favorites!

Getting your kids to brush is no easy task. Parents have tried many tricks over the years to make sure their little ones are taking care of their teeth. One of those tricks is finding a toothpaste that your child likes while making sure the toothpaste is still doing what it needs to do.
Although some are better than others, most brands contain abrasive ingredients to remove stains, ingredients that eliminate plaque, fluorides to strengthen tooth enamel, and some type of flavoring for taste. Here are some brands that live up to their ADA seal and that your child might actually like.

toms_toothpasteTom’s of Maine (Outrageous Orange-Mango). This one comes in fluoride and fluoride-free versions. The toothpaste is recommended for ages two and up and is all-natural, meaning it doesn’t use artificial sweeteners, preservatives or colors. This particular toothpaste provides an active defense against bacteria and acids, and the ingredients include silica and calcium to gently clean young teeth and real fruit juices to enhance the flavor.



colgate 2 in 1 childrensColgate Children’s 2-in-1. The watermelon and strawberry flavors are a favorite among many children. This particular toothpaste comes in both flavors. It’s not entirely preservative-free, so it’s not recommended for kids under five. For your slightly older child, however, it’s one of the better toothpastes on the market. However, for those a bit older, this is one of the best toothpastes in the market.

weleda_childrenWeleda Mint Children’s. This is a very gentle toothpaste that has natural and organic ingredients. Weleda is especially suitable for children with sensitive gums and it gives a very soothing treatment to the gums and teeth. Weleda’s recommended for the young kids who are brushing for the first time, and since there are no synthetic chemicals, you don’t have to worry about your child swallowing while brushing.

Instilling great brushing habits early may be a bit difficult, but is crucial for your child’s oral health throughout her life. Especially while they’re young, they are at a high risk of cavities. Make sure she sees her pediatric dentist regularly!

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