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Gums Bleed During Brushing

Gum Disease

Picture this scenario; you wake up in morning, take a shower, and begin brushing your teeth. Once your spit you notice that your frothy toothpaste has been tinted with the color of blood. Logic dictates that if something is causing bleeding than you should halt that action but the truth is brushing is one of… Read more

A Better Tempe Dentist

tempe dentist

What is the most important quality you want associated with your Tempe dentist? We’re willing to bet commitment to quality care is pretty high on the list. Here is how the team at Tempe Smiles provides the utmost in service to our valued patients. It starts with individualized care. Your smile is your most unique… Read more

8 Fun Facts about Teeth!

Who knew that taking care of your teeth could be so crazy! Here are some fun facts about teeth that will get your children excited to visit us here at Tempe Smiles! Did you Know? The human body produces an average of 25,000 quarts of saliva during a lifetime. That means ten people can fill… Read more