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8 Fun Facts about Teeth!

Who knew that taking care of your teeth could be so crazy! Here are some fun facts about teeth that will get your children excited to visit us here at Tempe Smiles! Did you Know? The human body produces an average of 25,000 quarts of saliva during a lifetime. That means ten people can fill… Read more

Healthy Snacks for your Teeth

healthy snacks for your teeth

Let’s be honest, we all love to snack. Whether it’s potato chips or a veggie platter, everyone likes to get their snack on! It’s important to be mindful when snacking, since some foods cause more damage to your teeth and gums than others. We’ve put together a list of some healthy snacks for your teeth… Read more

Little Known Tempe Secrets

When most people think about Tempe their first thought goes to the colossal Arizona State University that house the fighting Sun Devils. Everybody knows about the popular spots- Mill Avenue ,Tempe Beach Park and the Botanical Gardens but what about destinations off the beaten path? Here are Tempe’s little known secrets. Frisbee Golf in Papago… Read more

Fun Summer Activities for the Family

Whether you like it or not, summer is here. Now you can either embrace the heat wave and have a blast or toil inside for the next three months. Despite what you may think the sun can actually be your friend! With the kids at home there is so much that you can do to… Read more

History of the Toothbrush

az family dentists

We all use a toothbrush multiple times throughout the day, but did you ever wonder where it came from? The history of the toothbrush is a fascinating story that will make you wonder what other every day necessities have actually been around for ages! The first signs of a toothbrush being used by human beings… Read more