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Notable Alumni: ASU’s Most Successful Grads

arizona state university

Originally called Territorial Normal School in Tempe, Arizona State University has been in existence since 1889. Since its inception, it has become the alma mater of several famous and successful people. Here’s a list from your Tempe dentist of some of the notable names that were once Sun Devils. Al Michaels. Most famous for his… Read more

Best Teeth: Bond Girls

tatiana romanova james bond

Always known for being a man of style, James Bond was always surrounded by the most luxurious and the most deadly women. Throughout the movie series that has now spanned six decades, seven different Bonds have taken the screen and several ladies have accompanied them. Here’s a look at the most dazzling and the most… Read more

Foods that Mask Bad Breath

So you’ve just had a big lunch with pasta and garlic and you have an important business meeting immediately afterwards, or perhaps you’re on the crucial first date with the partner of your dreams, but you just ate the onions that came on your gourmet burger. You’ve got to do something fast, lest your breath… Read more

Schedule a Teeth Cleaning for Back-to-School

So it’s been a long summer and now it’s time to think about new clothes and school supplies for the kids. It’s also a great time to get the kids in for a back-to-school tooth cleaning, since they’ve most likely been eating ice cream and candy all summer long. It’s important for everyone to see… Read more